Musou Black: Discover the world’s darkest commercial paint

Since man discovered that he could use ingredients from nature such as berries, flowers and stones to paint, the fascination with pigments and paints has arisen. Today we no longer limit ourselves to basic colors, but have a wide range to combine.

Gradually, technology has allowed us to walk in areas that we did not know, one of them is the ambition to reach pitch black. In order for a paint to achieve this it needs to absorb more than 99% of the light, here we will be talking about a commercial pigment that does.

In search of absolute black

As we told you before, in order for a black paint to provide authentic black, it must have the ability to absorb light. A traditional paint like acrylic manages to absorb between 94 and 98% of the light, which does not give a completely dark effect.

Currently, companies have set themselves the goal of looking for a completely dark black, which is achieved through the use of new technologies. As a result of these efforts, two pigments were born which achieve over 99% light absorption, these pigments are both Vantablack and Musou Black.

Its predecessor: Vantablack

Vantablack is a substance or pigment that reaches an almost absolute black absorbing between 99.8 and 99.96% of light. This means that the color black is one of the purest and most absolute that one can find.
Composed of carbon nanotubes, Vantablack was developed by private entrepreneurs and has collaborated with institutions like NASA with industrial, research and even space applications. And it is that this paint can be used in telescopes, to reduce invasive light, in vehicles and even for military costumes or camouflage.

Now yes: what is Musou Black?

Musou Black is, like the previous one, a pigment developed to be the commercial version of Vantablack. That’s right, it was developed with the aim of being much easier to produce and cheaper for people. This by slightly modifying its structure and technology.

Musou Black’s ability is to absorb 99.4% of light so it has a very good absorption rate, achieving deep black. This paint is marketed in acrylic form, in a liquid bottle, although it has a somewhat dusty texture due to its absorbent coating.

Musou Black vs. Vantablack

Here are the main differences between the two tables:
• Price: The first thing to know is that the price is totally different from one painting to another. Vantablack, by virtue of owning a private patent and the way they are made, is much more expensive. Instead, Musou Black costs between $ 45 and $ 75 per 100ml bottle (price varies depending on demand).

musou black

• Usage: Musou Black is used for paintings and artwork, everyday items such as mugs, for vehicles, cars and more. Instead, Vantablack focuses on specialized industrial, technological and military uses.

• Availability for users: Obtaining Vantablack is very difficult due to its specialized use. Instead, you can easily find Musou Black, just type Google or search Amazon for this table to buy it. Also, there are no legal restrictions or permits that you need to cover to get it.

• Base: Finally, we should talk about the base or the formula of the two paints. While Musou Black and Vantablack use similar ingredients in their manufacture, Vantablack is generally more complex in manufacture, as it uses carbon nanotubes and high temperatures for manufacture. Instead, Musou Black is made using more commercial techniques.
Musou Black applications

Musou Black is a very versatile paint that can be used in many ways, as much as your creativity allows it even has more uses than Vantablack. Here we will tell you the 3 main uses of Musou Black:
1) Cars: Black car enthusiasts love Musou Black for the absolute black it achieves. This is why it is perfect for both detailing vehicle trims and painting them in full. Moreover, this color is one of the most stylish you can find.

2) Artwork: Artists love to use black to add depth to their paintings and to the darkness. This is why Musou Black is widely used by many artists and painters who take advantage of this color to apply it on different types de surfaces.

3) Content production: Another fairly common use of this high-tech paint is content production. Simple, it is used for painting surfaces and creating dark boxes for taking photos or videos. It is also very useful among experts in special effects and set assembly for movies, commercials and more.

How to apply Musou Black?

To apply Musou Black, it is recommended to use an airbrush or a compressor, as this allows a better distribution of the paint.
Remember that its powder coating requires careful application to ensure even drying, because due to the consistency of the paint it can shrink and crack.

You can also use a paintbrush, paintbrush or roller, only you will need to apply carefully, covering your marks so that the paint is even. Although yes, the manufacturer specifies that when using a brush, the absorption rate can drop to 98.8%.

What you should take into account in Musou Black

Finally, we recommend that you take into account that the Musou Black protective cover can generate particles in the environment. This is why it is recommended to use a mask with filters during its application, as well as protective glasses.
Also be aware that as it dries the paint may shrink slightly and if not applied correctly it may show cracks. Also, Musou Black does not have the ability to remove infrared reflections, as this paint is not for military or space use.

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