• 🏆🌎👑The Blackest Paint in the World: Musou black is the blackest black in the world, ahead of VantaBlack (which is a material) while Musou black is indeed a black paint. It absorbs up to 99.4% of light with an airbrush. Normal black paint has a reflectance of around 6%, while Musou Black’s reflectance is 0.6%.


  • 👍⚙Easy to use: Musou black is very easy to use. Whether with a brush or an aerosol, thanks to its liquidity, the paint can be evenly distributed on a canvas, a figurine or even a car (yes a real one!)


  • 🎨🖌Acrylic paint: Black paint is the blackest in the world and in addition it is acrylic. To obtain a super black rendering, favor aerosol for a perfect distribution of the paint. To make the paint stick even more, use a primer (allows the paint to stick, making it much more resistant)


  • 🛠🎁Model: This paint has a wide range of uses (little taste: Painting, Art, Model, photography, camouflage and many more) see list in description for a fuller list.


  • 🧪⚠Disclaimer: read the safety sheet before use (see description for more info) Any use contrary to the list on the safety sheet will be your responsibility. The SDS for Europe is in the process of being created.

Musou Black is the blackest acrylic paint in the world.


An easy-to-use acrylic paint with its fluidity that allows for excellent paint distribution. A paint that can be used with a primer (paint catcher) to improve the adhesion of the paint.


Easy to use (Instructions for use)

Musou black is an easy-to-use acrylic paint.

The paint is fluid to allow use accessible to all and to obtain a homogeneous rendering.

The use of a primer (tackle paint) is recommended to fix the Musou Black paint and increase its life.

Airbrush: to apply the paint, fill the airbrush reservoir and then pass very thin layers on the canvas or object to be painted until a completely black rendering is obtained.

Brush: To apply the paint, dip the brush in the jar and paint as desired.

Black Black 1 or BB1 is the name of the site www.blackblack1.com and the slogan “Be Yourself”

What it is possible to use it on

The use of a primer (tackle paint) is recommended before any use for better paint aberrance.

– figurines

– canvases

– photography

– Plexiglas, plastics

– metal, stainless steel

– glass, ceramic, porcelain …

– wood

– leather

– fabrics, cotton, linen, wool …

– food plaster (makes it inedible)


Musou black is VantaBlack?


No, musou black is not ventablack, but it is the paint that comes closest to vanta black.

Vantablack (or vantanoir in French) is a material that can absorb 99.965% while black musou can absorb 99.4% of light using an airbrush


Musou black is the blackest acrylic paint in the world

Vantablack acrylic only manages to paint with 99% light absorption.

So the musou black is the acrylic paint suitable for all and for all artists!

Black Black 1 or BB1 is the name of the site www.blackblack1.com  and the slogan “Be Yourself”


Question? responses


Q: Can Musou Black be used as an automotive paint?


A: The simple answer is no. We do not recommend painting a car with Musou Black as the paint is fragile and the coating can easily be scratched / peeled off. Top or clear coats may improve its durability, but this will decrease the darkness of Musou Black. Simply put, Musou Black was never intended to be used as an automotive paint. If you want to paint a car, we recommend that you do so for display purposes only and not for long term use.


Q: Can we make transparent varnish or top coat?


A: Top or clear coats may improve the durability of Musou Black, but this will decrease its “darkness” as light will reflect off the top or clear coat. If you want to maximize the darkness of Musou Black, Musou Black coating should be the top layer.


Q: What can I do to improve the durability of Musou Black?


A: Applying a primer beforehand will slightly improve Musou Black’s adhesion, but the coating will still be brittle. Tests are currently being done to produce a product that could improve the durability of the paint without affecting its darkness. Once the product is created, an email will then be sent.


Precautions to take


Store in a dry place protected from light at temperatures between 5 ° C and 85 ° C.

Use suitable protective equipment to avoid inhalation of paint particles when using the airbrush

After use, clean the equipment well with water.

Keep out of reach of children and do not ingest.

The drying time depends on the material used and the thickness of the paint layer. The paint can be dry to the touch but needs to dry longer from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

To prevent the paint from crumbling, we recommend using a primer as a primer and allowing it to dry well between the two coats of paint.

The company that sells it is black black 1 on black black1.com, the product is sold on Amazon with the brand musou black. For any request regarding musou black (the new VantaBlack) you can contact us by subscribing to the newsletter. There will be the necessary information by email


Due to the powder light absorption layer (which makes the absorption of musou black acrylic paint), the resistance of the coating is very low, so the gloss and peeling of the coating will occur even with a light touch.

Black Black 1 or BB1 is the name of the site www.blackblack1.com  and the slogan “Be Yourself”

The painted object may shrink and crack.
Powder dust will be generated during painting, so wear protective equipment such as goggles and a mask before using.
This paint has no infrared reflection suppression effect.





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Musou black


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